Brian Mendler is a dynamic, energetic, and humorous speaker that is sure to grab your audiences’ attention and not let go. His strategies are designed to be used right away and are classroom proven.  Keynotes can be between 1-2 hours in length.

Keynote titles:

Power Struggles Unplugged

In this humorous but powerful keynote, Brian will share strategies to defuse any power struggle at any time, at any place.  Discover two magic defusing words that we stop mouthy kids in their tracks. Learn what to say when removing a student so they want to return to your class.

The Teacher Who Changed My Life

This inspirational keynote will give educators the belief that they can be successful with any students that are placed before them.  Learn what one teacher did in a few minutes that no teachers had been able or willing to do in grades K-6 that turned around my life.  You will discover seven powerful words that can change the lives of your most challenging students.


Brian is also available to present the following breakout sessions:

Why Kids Misbehave and What to do About it

Before applying strategies to change unwanted behavior, we must first correctly diagnose why the behaviors are occurring.  Without understanding the why, then most strategies will ultimately fail.  Learn to diagnose and understand the 6 main reasons why students misbehave and discover how to apply the correct strategies for each student to address individual needs.

I Collect Zero’s…Kids who do Nothing!

In this session you will learn the number one best relationship building strategy for kids who come everyday and do absolutely nothing. Learn to prevent the number one mistake many teachers make that inadvertently kills student motivation.

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