To truly prevent bullying we must have the courage to do the following: Understand and use Twitter and Facebook Regularly: Cyber bullying is now the number one form of bullying […]

A high school principal recently asked me to stay after a seminar and meet with her school “Leadership Committee.” After about six minutes I got up to leave. “Wait, where […]

Here are five of my favorite “Early School Year Phrases.” Remember, this is the teacher talking to the students. I recommend saying these the very first day. If you are […]

Just last week I spent a day in two different schools. The first a high school outside of Roanoke and the second a K-8 school near Philadelphia. I decided for […]

I was recently watching “The Biggest Loser” on television. The show ended at 10pm and before I was able to shut it off a voice came on that said, “The […]